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My.T TV- (valid for Mauritius only)

06/11/14 - 16/11/14

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You are in Mauritius and you have access to fixed line internet? Do you like watching TV? Are you  a fan of movies, documentaries, reality shows, sports…..? What do you like to watch, what fascinates you…..?

We would like to share your views on your experience and usage on My.T TV.

In the context of this online café, we will exchange ideas, your interests and your expectations on My.T TV  offers on Dream Orange forum.

This café will be held from 6  to 16 November 2014. You will be rewarded for your active participation in all the forums. To participate in this café, you will firstly have to create an account on Dream Orange, register to the café My.T  TV’. For any query or questions, you may contact us on ctc@orange.mu

We will be pleased to hear from you. See you soon on Dream Orange smiley

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Hello, the cafe is coming to an end after an interesting week of discussion with you.We are very concerned to know if you are staisfied with the My.T bouquet service. Are you satisfied with your experience (quality of service, value for money, design and look and feel of the mosaic, is it simple for you?) Thanks to let us know how we may improve to serve you better.enlightened


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